Why choose Fletcher Day?

Why choose Fletcher Day?


A flexible career – Consultant or Partner

Unlike other law firm fee share consultancies, Fletcher Day is the only firm to operate both a full service multi-disciplinary practice with permanent full time lawyers as well as a separate and fully integrated fee share consultancy.

This gives our consultants the freedom to choose their career path. They can either join Fletcher Day and remain as a Consultant or, where the opportunity arises, now or in the future, become a Partner within the core business.

A dynamic and rapidly expanding firm

Since the firm was established in 2009, it has grown not just in terms of numbers of lawyers and support staff, but also in terms of reputation. Fletcher Day is now well known for the quality of its clients and the work it conducts. With headquarters in Mayfair the firm has ambitious growth plans and is committed to achieving the goal of becoming a prominent full service law firm by 2020.

An international presence

Although the majority of the firm’s business is UK based, we enjoy a strong international presence and have strategic alliances with other law firms across the world. We are also proud to be the London representative member of the International Business Law Consortium (IBLC).

Take that first step today towards the goal of the financial and workplace freedom.

Call Jennifer Wellspeak today on 020 7766 5260 or email recruitment@fletcherday.co.uk