How we meet your needs

How we meet your needs


Modern and convenient Central London offices

Working from modern offices in the heart of London allows us to offer the best and most convenient service for our clients. Our consultants have the freedom to choose the flexible working arrangement that suits them, spending time in the office or working from home. We can also provide meeting rooms and hot desk facilities.

No support staff expenses and contracts to worry about

When joining as a consultant, you may choose to bring your support staff with you. Unlike other consultancies where you are shouldered with the burden of employing your own staff, at Fletcher Day we take over that responsibility for you but your staff will continue to work for you and support you. You are then free to concentrate on valuable fee earning work without additional administrative and financial burdens.

Join a powerful referral network

We have built a strong team of consultants performing high quality work. As a result, our new consultants will benefit from being able to access that network and cross refer work from all of the main commercial law practice areas.

In addition, because Fletcher Day is also a full service law firm, we are able to offer other work referral opportunities from our permanent members of staff.

Benefit from tailored business development coaching

To assist our consultants to make the most of those opportunities, we offer the services of a business development and marketing coach to help build relationships and convert leads. Our coach was himself a practising lawyer, so he understands your business.

Attend consultant networking social events

We run a dedicated programme of consultant networking social events throughout the year. On occasions, we will ask influential industry speakers to give presentations at these events. The aim is to provide an informal environment for our consultants to meet, socialise and share client and referral opportunities.

Our programme of social events also includes an annual ski trip which gives consultants the opportunity to get to know other consultants and employed members of staff in a social and relaxed environment.

Administrative support and holiday cover

At Fletcher Day we will provide you with administrative support based on your requirements. This can include dictation support, and the use of Fletcher Day support staff to assist with scanning, post completion work or trial bundles. Our consultants also benefit from the ability to have their work covered when on holiday by lawyers within the traditional firm or other consultants.

To ensure you receive the correct level of support and the highest level of fee share, it’s important that you notify us of your precise requirements when you contact us and when negotiating your consultancy contract.

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